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Shine like an Angel with Victoria's Secret PINK Model Rachel Hilbert

Shine like an Angel with Victoria's Secret PINK Model Rachel Hilbert

The new face of Victoria's Secret PINK exclusively shares her skin care routine, workout secrets, and favorite NYC restaurants with College Living readers.

From hosting a party with Iggy Azalea in Las Vegas, to photoshoots in New York City, to being photographed on the toasty sand and in the clear-blue waters of South Beach,  19-year-old model Rachel Hilbert is able to do all of this and more thanks to a decision she made when she was 16-years-old.

"I went to an open call and I saw the agency and got signed from there. I just started working from there on and I graduated from high school when I turned 18," Hilbert exclusively shares with CollegeLivingMag.com.

Now Rachel is signed with IMG Models, an agency that represents some of the biggest names in the modeling world, including Gisele Bündchen, Kate MossKarlie Kloss and Elsa Hosk

Hilbert has worked with clients such as Urban Outfitters, Express and most recently Victoria's Secret. And if you have walked into a Victoria's Secret PINK store you have seen Rachel prominently featured in everything ranging from sweats to swimwear and everything in between. 

College Living Magazine sat down with Hilbert to talk about her beauty routine, healthy eating in New York and what makes her feel beautiful. Read more after the video below.

Rachel partied with Iggy Azalea, DJ Irie, VS Angel Elsa Hosk and the UNLV Rebels at the PINK National Crazy for Campus Bash this past October.

On Beauty... 

As a model having amazing skin is essential. Walk us through your skin care routine. 

Rachel Hilbert (RH): Well, I have a facialist actually, so I use some of the products she gives me, but I also like to use natural oils on my face to hydrate it especially during  the winter. I really like coconut oil actually, it really hydrates the skin and it’s simple, pure and natural. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve also used it for my hair, because it’s really good for it too. The place I go to for facials is called Advanced Skincare and the facialist is just really good at what she does. I’ve been going to her for a while. 

What is your everyday makeup routine like?

RH: If I’m not working, I basically just moisturize my face and put on some concealer for blemishes and maybe a little bit of Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara and that’s really it and I’m out.

What about when you’re going out?

Photo c/o IMG Models.

RH: When I go out I usually put a little bit more on. I usually put blush and bronzer on, and I do a bold eye or a cat eye with a really bold black line and some mascara and sometimes some lipstick too. I use Urban Decay eye shadow as eyeliner. 

Any on-the set tips you’ve learned? 

RH: I’ve learned so many and it’s incredible. A really simple one, is that you can take some Vaseline and highlight your temples and your jaw line. I also do that when I go out sometimes, and when you take a picture it really highlights your jaw line and your temples. And it’s just so easy to do. I either use Vaseline or just a Tom Ford highlighter on my face, I really like to highlight the temples and the jaw line. 

What is something that makes you feel beautiful?

RH: Actually I know this is kinda gross but I love sweating and getting a really good workout in because after a workout I feel so good and beautiful, I love it. 

On Fitness...

What are some of your favorite workouts?

Recently I’ve been doing more barefoot workouts, so workouts that don’t really require shoes. I’m doing a lot of Pilates reformers, barre classes, yoga and I’ve started doing kickboxing and martial arts classes which are really amazing workouts. They just allow a full body workout and I love working out all the time and being active. 

How often do you work out?

I try to go at least five days a week, so pretty frequently. Usually an hour to two hours, but it depends. I go to the gym and I also have a trainer named Mike at Willspace, and for Pilates I go to a Pilates studio. 

As a model, traveling is part of the job. How do you stay in shape on the go?

Well I actually like to look at hotels and see what type of workout options they have there, I also really take advantage of the pool too because I love swimming, so I if there’s a pool around and if I have a chance, I’ll definitely go swimming. I’ll also just jump rope in my hotel room if there’s not really anything around, but usually there’s a treadmill, or a ball, or some weights, so you can get some sort of workout in.

What about your diet? How do you manage to stay healthy?

Fortunately I have a pretty fast metabolism right now, though I think it’s due to how much I work out, but I eat everything in moderation. I’m such a foodie, I love food, but I try to eat healthy too by eating fruits, veggies, salads, chicken, protein, salmon, but I love food though.

Since you mentioned you're a foodie, what are some of your favorite restaurants?

That’s such a hard question because there’s so many amazing ones. There’s this really clean healthy place called Souen, it’s just all-macrobiotic foods. When I'm trying to eat healthy and clean I really love going there because you can actually go there and know what’s on your plate. I usually get fish or one of their specials for the day, which will have soup, different grains, fish, and all these different vegetables. I also love going out for brunch or breakfast, it’s my favorite meal.  I also like little small restaurants around Soho area, 

Rapid Fire:

Lipstick or lipgloss? 


Smokey eye or bold lip? 

Smokey eye.

Curly hair or straight hair? 

Curly hair.

Blow dry or air dry? 

Air dry.       

Favorite model? 

Candice Swanepoel.

What do you think of Rachel's beauty and fitness tips? Have you ever used eyeshadow as eyeliner before? What is your favorite way to shape in shape? Sound off in the comments below. Until next time lovelies!

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