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7 of the Best French Beauty Products You Can Buy in America

7 of the Best French Beauty Products You Can Buy in America

The secret to an effortless and chic French glow is hiding in plain sight on the shelves of every drugstore in Paris. 

If you have ever explored a French pharmacy, then you already understand its superiority to American drugstores. Shelves with beauty wonders in chic packaging out number vitamins and medicine, helpful employees dressed in white lab coats are there to guide you to the right products, and the best partprices are comparable to shopping at your local Ulta

The beauty of the French way is that simplicity is essential. Emphasis is on embracing your natural beauty and taking care of your skin—no eight-step Korean beauty routine here. We've gathered seven of the best French beauty exports that you can finally buy in America. Keep reading to find out how you can glow like Beyonce and see Karl Lagerfeld's go-to daily hair product.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 

During Fashion Week, models are walking in multiple shows a day, which unfortunately can reek havoc on their otherwise clear complexions. A-List makeup artists and beauty insiders use this fragrance-free liquid makeup remover to remove most types of makeup for personal use and in-between runway shows. This thin liquid is water-based and contains no soap, making it useful for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

🔑: Pour a small amount on the ends of a cotton swab to help remove eye makeup around the delicate eye area.

🔑: If you use a cleansing water at night, be sure to follow up with your regular skin-care regime.

🔑: If you have oily skin, Bioderma offers a version tailored for you.

Available on Amazon

Avène Eau Thermale

Is your skin thirsty? This French facial mist is an easy way to hydrate your skin and cool you down on a balmy day. Facial mists are a multi-use product and can be used underneath your moisturizer, to set your makeup, or even remove excess powder when you use a heavy hand of blush.

🔑: Make sure you hold the can about six inches away from your face and let it soak in for about 60 seconds before you blot away the excess with a tissue. 

🔑: Keep your facial mist in the fridge for an especially refreshing feeling once the weather warms up. 

🔑: Give your mist the perfume treatment and spray it in the air and walk through.

Available on Amazon

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

It’s a good day when a cult French skincare line is finally available at Sephora and Target. This no-frills face moisturizer may be over 60 years old, but if you're lucky enough to go backstage during Fashion Week madness, then you'll be sure to spy a tube of this famous French pharmacy product in almost every makeup artist's kit. Allow your skin to soak up the aloe vera, soy proteins, and shea buttery goodness by using this product as a face moisturizer in the morning or night, depending on your skin's specific needs.

🔑: Run out of your favorite face primer? Apply a thin layer of this moisturizer for a quick and easy fix. 

🔑: Mix Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré with your base to dilute the foundation's coverage, creating a simple DIY tinted moisturizer. 

🔑: In the harsh winters or whenever your skin needs extra TLC, use this as a makeup remover before bed. Be sure to follow up with your usual evening beauty routine.  

Available on Net-a-Porter and Amazon

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Major 🔑 Alert:  Legendary German designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, uses this aerosol dry shampoo daily to create his signature slicked-back ponytail. And while we may not want to use this product to achieve Lagerfeld's white hair look, we can use it to help de-slick dirty hair thanks to the corn and rice starches. The white mist has a distinct powdery and floral smell so be sure to rub the product into your scalp and to brush out excess.

🔑: Is your hair looking a little flat? Score voluminous hair that might get you confused with a Victoria's Secret Angel by flipping your head upside down and thoroughly work in dry shampoo.

🔑: Okay, your may or may not go to school near the ocean, but that doesn't mean your hair can't look like you just landed back to campus from a Carribean vacation. Create a model off-duty look by adding a subtle texture to your tresses. 


Although the original use for Homeoplasmine is intended for nursing mothers, this French emollient offers a relatively cheap way to heal skin. Similar to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, this ointment is a versatile product that can help prevent cracked lips and flakiness and while offering a natural finish. The texture reminds us of Aquaphor, minus the high-shine finish.

🔑: If you have a burn from cooking, sunburn from laying out to long, or just suffering from dryness, Homeoplasmine can help.

🔑: Apply to your lips overnight for a plumper pout in the morning. 

🔑: Enjoying winter sports this season? Keep a tube handy to help combat windburn.

Available on Amazon

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

Daily use of a fragrance-free and paraben-free sunscreen is probably one of the many reasons why French women tend to have glowing skin. This broad spectrum sunscreen offers both UVA protection to prevent burns and UVB protection for anti-aging powers. Going for a dip? The light and water-resistant formula soak up in your skin relatively quickly, so no worries about leaving behind a white film on your skin. Just be sure to moisturize properly beforehand, since this formula does not hydrate skin much. 

🔑: Make sure your sunscreen has both UVA protection to prevent burns and UVB protection for anti-aging powers. 

🔑: This sunblock is non-comedogenic which means, it won't clog your pores.

Available on Amazon, Net-a-Porter and Dermstore

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Shimmer and glow like Beyonce with this body oil filled with subtle gold flecks. This product smells clean, and light thanks to the blend of six essential oils and moisturizing properties of Vitamin E. You can apply this oil every day all over your body, face, and even in your hair to help tame flyaways and boost shine.

🔑:  If you want to save this for special occasions like sorority formal season, your birthday party, or for holiday parties, focus on your decollete and shoulders to add some luster to your skin. 

🔑: Prevent cracked cuticles by rubbing the fast-absorbing oil to add moisture.

Available on Dermstore and Amazon

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