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6 Dorm Must Haves You Didn't Know You Need

6 Dorm Must Haves You Didn't Know You Need

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Your dorm room is bleak: there’s no closet space, the lighting is heinous and your bedspread clashes with your roommate’s…we get it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time living on campus. Once you’re all moved in, there’s still plenty of time to pick up more items to spruce up your living quarters. Here’s our go-to guide for the dorm essentials that the department stores left off their lists! You can thank us later.

iCoffee Single-Serve Brewer

You’re in college, so if you haven’t started drinking caffeine yet, you’re about to. Skip the Starbucks hassle and brew your own cup before heading off to class. The iCoffee brewer is super high-tech— with unique brewing technology, the machine makes a French-press style blend right out of a K-cup. Your floor-mates are going to beg you to make them some!


Pretty much everyone in the dorms will want to hang a whiteboard on their doors, but not many will have one as chic as this. Think-Board lets passerby write anything they want (messages while you’re away, silly pictures, maybe even a phone number…?) on the clear, reusable surface.

Cute Throw Rug

Chances are, your floor is some sort of grey/beige tile. Not only does that just look drab, it’s cold on your poor feet! A throw rug really pulls a room together and makes it feel like home. We love the choices over at dormify.com (spoiler: we actually love everything they have!).

String Lights

Whether you’re a hipster or a prepster, you’ll love having a set (or five) a dainty lights strung around your room. The softer lighting will give you a break from the harsh fluorescents and bonus: you’re guaranteed to feel like a fairy princess. If you don’t want to raid you family’s Christmas decoration boxese, head over to Target for some cute and inexpensive options.


Fun Desk Chair

You’re going to want to hit up facilities ASAP, because that rickety old desk chair they provided is absolutely not necessary. Instead, opt for a colorful and, more importantly, comfortable desk chair that you’ll actually want to use! Not only will your room look that much better, but you’ll probably be more likely to sit at your desk and do some studying. PBteen has tons of options for every style.

Emoji Pillow

Okay so maybe you don’t need a pillow replica of your most-used emoji, but imagine coming home from a long day of classes to a bright-smiling happy face (or my personal favorite, the poo emoji). Sometimes that’s all you need to turn your day around. Plus, emojis are actually becoming a fashion trend, so be the coolest chick on your floor and order one today. Our friends over at Kids Preferred sent us one to try and we're obsessed.