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Spring Break Spinning Playlist

Spring Break Spinning Playlist

Note: This is a suggested ride. Please, consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

Meet Emily: An avid runner and a certified Spinning instructor who teaches weekly classes at her campus gym over the last three years. She blogs about health, fitness and college life at My Healthy-ish Life and today on College Living, she's sharing a spring-break themed workout playlist.

One of my favorite things about being a spin instructor is creating playlists for my classes. When I'm taking a Spin class, the music can make or break it for me -- I want upbeat and powerful songs! It's fun to create themed rides to coincide with holidays or events so what better than to make a Spring Break ride? Fun, party songs paired with a challenging workout is just what we all need to get mentally and physically ready for a much needed school vacation.

If you're unfamiliar with Spinning visit Spinning.com before completing any workout. 

Suggested Ride

  1. I Love It: Warm-up

  2. Ready to Go: Alternate seated and standing flat (continuing warm-up)

  3. Blame (remix): Moderate hill in 3 with pickups

  4.  Turn Up the Music: Add resistance, heavier hill; pushes in the saddle during the chorus

  5. Play Hard (Remix): Decrease resistance to a moderate hill; alternate pickups in the saddle and in 3

  6. Celebrate: Jumps (4x4)

  7. Walk of Shame: Sprints

  8. Live While We're Young: Rolling hills (optional active recovery)

  9. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: Fast cadence seated

  10. Shake Señora (remix): jumps (on chorus), jog in between

  11. All Night Longer (remix): Jumps on a hill (4 x 4, pick up to 2 x 2)

  12. Forever Young: Heavy hill in 3

  13. I Do Not Hook Up: Sprints

  14. Young & Beautiful: Cool down