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Meet the UC Berkeley Graduates Behind Show Me Your Mumu

Meet the UC Berkeley Graduates Behind Show Me Your Mumu

Cammy Hebert (left) and Cologne Schmidt (right) are the two entrepreneurs behind the Hawaii inspired clothing company, Show Me Your MuMu. Photography c/o Show Me Your Mumu

Miami's signature humidity and sweat-inducing sun was in full-force when college best friends Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt, touched down in the Sunshine State. The two ladies kept voicing a desire to have flowy clothes that would not cling to their bodies like Hawaiian mu'umu'us, but shorter and in wild Miami-inspired prints. 

"We decided then and there soaking in the Miami sun that we should make this mu’umu’u we were dreaming of, but ours would be shorter and sexier and so the name would be shorter and sexier too," recalls Cologne Schmidt. 

That night, during a lobster and sake dinner, the lifelong best friend heard their idea and responded, 'Reinventing the mu'umu'u?! I love it! Show me your Mumu!' and the clothing line was born.

Today, Show Me Your MuMu is known for bright and breezy tops, pants and dresses that have caught the attention of stylish celebrities including Rosie-Huntington Whitely, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Hudson. Their line is sold in boutiques across the country and on popular clothing online retailer Revolve Clothing

Learn more about Cammy and Cologne's fashion journey, advice for aspiring fashion designers and check out the latest MuMu lookbook below.

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UC Berkeley is known for its rigorous academics, but are there any lessons you learned outside of the classroom that were beneficial when starting your company?

C+C: Absolutely. Berkeley is a great teacher of work hard / play hard. You can absolutely do both and you should! Berkeley definitely taught us that. As did New York. It is important to work hard, but equally as important to allow yourself the time to enjoy life, explore the world and have fun with the people around you.

Photos from the August lookbook, "Mu Orleans Belles," inspired by Cammy's hometown, New Orleans. Lookbook images via

What is your creative process like when conceptualizing and designing clothes? 

C+C: It is all over the place. We find inspiration in so many places and try to take in everything around us  street style, wallpaper, food everything. We are travel junkies and always take the time to explore shopping areas, vintage stores and flea markets when we are visiting new places. We often start our design ideas with "I really wish I had something like this in my closet…” and then will sketch, talk and visualize our ideas. It is still very similar to the birth of the MuMu. What is lacking in the fashion world? And how can we fill that void? 

You’re now operating your business in Los Angeles, Ca. Why did you decide to make the company's headquarters there?

C+C: When we quit our jobs and wanted to pursue Mumu full time, we headed back to the West Coast. It was a smart business decision for many reasons, but it has also played a huge role in the vibe and development of Mumu’s spirit. 

How does it feel to see celebrities such as Ali Fedotowsky, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jessica Alba wearing your designs?

C+C: It’s awesome. It is also awesome when we see a stranger at the airport or at the grocery store in our designs. If anyone chooses MuMu over every other thing in their closet to wear that day, we want to do a cartwheel and give them a big hug. We are happy people are loving what we are doing. 

What are some of your favorite MuMu pieces? 

Cologne: Skater Skirts & Rompers.

Cammy: Princess Di Ballgown Skirts & Hana Trumus.

What advice do you have for readers interested in pursuing a career in fashion design?

C+C: Be open to everything. You can never imagine the way your life will go or the exact path you will take so be sure to entertain all opportunities. Do not limit your dreams to a specific job or a specific position at a specific company or for a specific idea, but allow yourself to consider everything that comes your way. You never know what could change the entire direction of your life.

What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self?

C+C: The days are long, but the years are short. Take the time to really enjoy the present. Everything happens so fast and sometimes you will miss living in that closet in New York with $10 in your checking account. Appreciate it all. Every little thing.

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