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Jenna Lyons Shares Life Advice and What Makes Her Happy

Jenna Lyons Shares Life Advice and What Makes Her Happy

Photography by Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Jenna Lyons is widely recognized as the creative driving force behind elevating J.Crew from its days as a New England inspired catalog to becoming the Anna Wintour-approved fashion brand it is today.

Lyons, the company's President and Creative Director has earned a loyal fan base including First Lady Michelle Obama. The style maven is regularly snapped by street style photographers for her quirky sartorial choices and in spreads for women's magazines. When we heard that J.Crew's well-heeled leader gave The Coveteur the scoop on her #girlboss career advice and a tour of her office we knew we had to share. 

Read on to find out Lyons' thoughts on discovering your passion and the best advice she's ever received.

Lyons in her office at the J.Crew headquarters in Manhattan.

Jenna's favorite part of her job...

“One of the things that’s nice about my job, having an opportunity to work on J.Crew between mens, womens, kids and Madewell, there is just so much going on and everyday is different. Some days we’re talking about stores, some days we’re talking about the catalog, one day we’re talking about a location, one day we’re talking about marketing pieces, one day we’re talking about international store—there are so many things going on it doesn’t really feel that similar. It’s fashion but it’s not the same every season, there is always something new to talk about.”

Lyons is wearing a Shirt by Céline; Skirt by J.Crew; Shoes by J.Crew and Glasses by Super Ciccio

On the best piece of advice she received... 

“I think the best piece [of advice] I ever received is when someone pulled me aside one day and was like ‘stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, the people around you have nothing to do with you, just do your own thing and stop.’ Everyone has this tendency to mark themselves against other people and I think the world just does not work that way.”

Advice on finding a career that will make you happy...

“Only do it if you’re not looking at your watch. If it’s the thing that you want to do in your free time, if it’s natural for you to want to look at a magazine or want figure out who the models are and understand hair and makeup and look at the sets and look at the colors and you love clothes just because you love them, then you know [it’s for you]. But, if you’re doing it for other reasons and it’s for the glamour or being famous, then forget it, cause it’ll drive you crazy. If you love it then you’ll be okay with it no matter where you are and what you happen to be doing, it won’t matter what your title is—you’ll be in a way better place and you’ll be happier.”

What is the best piece of advice you have received? Sound off in the comments below. Until next time lovelies. 

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