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4 Photography Apps to Make Your Instagram Pop

4 Photography Apps to Make Your Instagram Pop


With the digital onslaught of selfies, food porn and #ThrowbackThursdays comes the difficult decision of which application to edit with. To lessen any potential heartache, University of Miami junior Ella compiled a list of her favorite apps for editing pictures on her phone.


1.     VSCOcam

Definitely my go-to app! The downside is that there are few filter collections that are free and you have to buy most of the cooler ones. But thankfully, VSCOcam has sales and great offers, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money (you can find collections from $.99 - $2.99). I am in love with the filters and other options that VSCO offers, especially the fading.    


2. Afterlight

I use this application mostly for creating white borders or other fun shapes to put on my photos. Before I discovered VSCOcam I used Afterlight for filters, because it also has great variety of them. While this application is not free, it's definitely worth it!



3.     A Beautiful Mess

Another great app to have fun with. I usually use it for adding text or putting doodles on the picture. You can also do borders here, though this application isn’t free either.





4.     Snapseed

This was my first professional application for editing. It has a lot of great options and tilt-shift and vintage filters, which are my favorite.  This one also requires some splurging, but the outcome of the pictures compensates for that.


All of these applications have some free filters but most of them require spending money. So if you want to get great pictures you should invest in a few apps. Always read reviews before purchasing any apps because they are invaluable in helping you decide which you like the most. Enjoy editing your photos and make them look professional with just a few clicks!