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Motivation Monday: 8 Time Management Tips for Owning your Finals

Motivation Monday: 8 Time Management Tips for Owning your Finals

Designed by Viviana Fernandez-Soto exclusively for CollegeLivingMag.com.

Brace yourselves, ladies, because finals are here.

Thanksgiving break is over and it's officially Starbucks red cup season. Before we can get in the jolly spirit of the holidays (aka get drunk on spiked eggnog and raid our parents' fridges), there's one more hurdle we have to overcome: finals. 

However, there's no need to run screaming for the hills. Here at College Living, we believe there is one key to success that trumps all others, and no, it's not illegal study drugs.

Time management, aka the magical ability to get everything done, stress-free. Even if you're the Queen of Procrastination, there's still time to get it together. Here are our top tips for owning your finals like a boss.

1. Make a list

Coming from someone who makes lists for everything, creating a to-do list is a must! Not only will creating a visual your responsibilities put your time into perspective, but you'll also be able to prioritize each task. Put the bigger assignments and the ones that are due first at the top of the list, and go from there.


2. Build in extra time

Let's face it, how many times have you sat down to do a small assignment, and three hours later, you're still working? When planning your study schedule, make sure you overestimate how long each assignment or review session will take. This will keep you from panicking if you end up needing more time, and it'll give you more time to breathe if you finish something ahead of schedule.


3. Find a good study space

Your environment is a huge factor in determining your productivity level. Are you someone who needs motivation to get stuff done? Try working in your sorority house, a coffee shop or any other place where you'll be surrounded by your peers. Get distracted easily? Maybe head up to the "silent zone" of your school's library. Find what works for you and stick to that.


4. Schedule time for relaxation

Sure "scheduled recreation" sounds like something Leslie Knope would concoct, but then again, she's one of the most inspirational characters on television! All work and no play will drive you absolutely bonkers, so set aside 30 minutes or so to have some fun. Read a book, watch a show on Netflix (but just one!) or grab a snack with your friends. You'll come back refreshed and ready to hit the books hard.


5. Avoid distractions

Though you should give yourself a break every now and then, don't go overboard. One second you're Googling something your your term paper and an hour later you're watching cat videos on YouTube. Use a tool like StayFocused to block out all the temptations of Facebook, BuzzFeed and the like for however long you need to study.


6. Ask for help

If you're hitting a wall in your studies, one of the best ways to get past it is to reach out to a fellow student or professor to help you out. Students often get stuck on a problem or concept and are unable to move on, which can take up a lot of time. 


7. Form study groups

If you're in a class with friends and acquaintances (or if you're just super outgoing with strangers), set up a group study session. Not only will this tactic allow you to gain extra insight or pick up on something you may have missed, but you'll also have to do your part to study because other people will be counting on you.


8. Get some sleep.

This last tip may seem a little counter-intuitive, but believe it or not, getting those eight hours will be much more productive than trying to work on little to no sleep. Lack of sleep will slow your brain down and cause a crash in your immune system. Even though you really want that A, you should never sacrifice your health.


If you manage your time right, you'll come out unscathed and ready to celebrate the end of the semester, the winter holidays, and (hopefully) your amazing grades. Best of luck!

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